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How much is the rent?

Term time rent:
Single Rooms - from £70 per week
Double/Twin Rooms - £140 a week
Payable in four instalments: June, September, January and April

Summer rent:
Single Rooms – from £50 per week
Double/Twin Rooms - £130 per week
Payable in monthly instalments

When can we move in?

There are three options

1. June 2019 - for a 52 week let
2. September 2019 - for a 40 week let
3. June to September 2019 - Summer let only

If you are planning on going home for the summer and you don’t need your room for this time, the 40 week contract could be ideal for you.

We only ask that you take all your belongings home also so we can rent the room as a summer let, you can then move in - in September.

Summer storage options also available

How is the rent collected?

Rent needs to be paid via bank transfer. The Cambria Bank Account will be given to you so you can set this up.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is £100 per tenant. The deposit is held with a scheme set up to hold deposits on behalf of landlords and agents. This needs to be paid to secure the accommodation.

Are there any admin fees?

No, The Cambria does not charge the tenants any fees for setting up the lease, collecting references or guarantor details.

Are any bills included?

Yes, all bills are included except TV licence.

Are there any other fees?

No, the only time you will be at risk of incurring extra fees is if there is non-payment of rent, and legal costs or debt collection costs are levied.

Who is the residential warden?

There will be two residential wardens, a head warden and deputy. They are on duty in the evenings/at night in case of emergency or any issues. The wardens also offer welfare support and can mediate to resolve any issues.
The wardens are postgraduate or mature students.

Who else can we contact if there is a problem?

The Cambria is a managed property - we have a receptionist and manager on duty every day from 8.00 am to 5pm. We have a maintenance person who works part time hours and is on call in case of emergency.

Gas or Electric heating?

There is gas central heating and is on from 7 am to midnight, usually from October 1st to April 1st depending on weather conditions.

What's the lead tenant?

If you are moving in with a group of friends, it's sometimes useful to nominate a lead tenant. The lead tenant is the main point of contact between the Cambria and the group. They will be the person to report maintenance problems, or any issues at the property.
We also offer fire marshal training to tenants and the lead tenant is normally the person to do this training.

What are guarantors?

Guarantors would normally be a parent, or legal guardian. They guarantee the terms of the tenant short hold tenancy agreement, and guarantee the tenant rent. So if the tenant is unable to pay his/her rent the guarantor would be liable.

What appliances are included?

There are shared kitchens for each group.
In the kitchens there will be at least one fridge, one freezer and one oven in the kitchen, most have two, also provided are smaller items such as kettle, microwave, toaster.

Is there a washing machine?

There is a coin operated washing machine and tumble dryer available for students

Is there a phone?

No, there are no phone lines provided.

Is it possible to have wireless?

There is wireless internet provided by Aberystwyth University which is included in your rent.

Who is responsible for the appliances if they break?

The landlord is responsible if appliance break from normal use, wear and tear. Any malicious damage must be paid for by the tenants.

Do we have to pay council tax?

Full time students are exempt from council tax.

Are you responsible for the rent for other member of the group?

No, only responsible for your own individual rent.

Are we allowed pets?

Sorry no pets.

Are you allowed guests?

Yes, however please note that the tenant must let a member of Cambria staff know that a guest will be staying due to fire safety. Guests must not reside at the property

Is the property non-smoking?

Yes, it is a non-smoking property.

Who pays for the insurance?

We buy a package of contents insurance from Endsleigh insurance for every student.

You will be given details when you move in - or you can find more details, plus a downlaodable copy of the Endsleigh insurance certificate here.

Are there any inspections?

Yes we will inspect the communal kitchens every two weeks and the bedrooms every term or more often if necessary.
We like to make sure everything's OK, and you are all happy with your room. We can check on any repairs, progress of maintenance, and of course ensure that the property is being looked after - it's being cleaned at least before we visit!
The kitchen inspections will be phased out if your kitchen is kept in good condition. However if residents complain to us that the kitchen is constantly messy or unclean we will arrange for it to be cleaned and the cost deducted from deposits.

What about Fire Inspections?

By Law the fire alarm has to be tested every week. Our handyperson will carry out a weekly test to the alarm, and check the extinguishers/emergency lights.

HMO Licence

The Cambria is a licensed House of Multiple Occupation by Ceredigion County Council

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01970 626350 or email


The Cambria, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2AZ 01970 626350