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Living in the Cambria has been an adventurous experience. I remember I went to shower during my first night there and when I got back wearing nothing but a towel, I realized that I had locked myself out. I started looking for other people and this German girl let me in, that's when I realized that the Cambria is full of friendly students, ranging from odd politics students like myself, computer geeks, foodies, internationals, all those rugby boys and a random bunch of cool people.

Those people became quickly my family including the manager Rhiannon and the receptionist Andy (super cool dude!).

In the Cambria you can just chill in your room when you want to without anyone disturbing your peace or go to kitchen and cook together or have a nice, quiet;) get together in the common room, have few drinks on the balcony if you are sneaky enough while watching the sunset or sing karaoke on the staircase and run out to the pier and toast to life with a glass of wine!

- Anni


I didn't want accommodation issues interfering with third year. I wanted a chilled place to live, so that I could focus on my studies and generally enjoy my final year of Aber life. The Cambria was perfect, both in location and accommodation. I loved having the seafront (and a short walk home from Pier) on my doorstep, and seeing the sunsets from our kitchen window was lush!

I found the choice of single room tenancy really useful. It meant that myself and flatmate from first year could stick together, but move in to a group flat share setting. It always seemed pointless to me paying summer rent when I wasn't in Aber, so the September starting tenancy agreement was fantastic. All bills were included, and payments were set around student loan instalments, so there was never any serious stress financially.

The rooms were a cracking size, and the kitchens were really communal for all the flatmate banter. I loved having the washing machine and dryer downstairs; and the lift was a godsend - especially after a food shop.

I just found the Cambria a really friendly place to live, and having a night warden was good for safety and any other issues (which were always addressed). Despite there being different flats, you'd find yourself socialising with everyone, especially Lyndsey who works at reception and Rhiannon!

- Bethan Phillips


I'm living here with my boyfriend since August. It's a lovely and safe place.

Trust me, as a student You don't need nothing more! You have nice room (with wonderful see view as we have), not always clean kitchen (but with all devices to cook whatever You want), many showers, even a bath. The location can't be better. There are always people who can help You with any probems. Mr. Handyman who can repare everything in Your room and always smiling Jessie who will answer for all Your questions (even if You can't speak English very well :)). You don't have to worry about any bills or other costs, because everything is included in the price of the room.

I'm highly recommended this place.

- Julia Dybczynska
5 stars



Probably one of the better options when looking for a place to stay while in Uni.

Has a lift which is very useful and the agents are very friendly and easy to speak to.

- Dante Lloyd
5 stars


The Cambria, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2AZ 01970 626350